Chocolate Chunks 60% Single Origin – Honduras 4oz


  • These chunks are perfect for munching and as a drinking chocolate and even in you trail mix.

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Producer: Efren

Origin: Honduras Tree to bar

Atucun chocolate is truly original, because it comes from trees that have grown in an isolated area from the other cocoa-producing areas of Honduras. It comes from the center of the country in the humid tropical forest reserve called Comayagua mountain, an unknown place for this crop. The cacao from that region is of ancestral Criollo varieties.

Efren’s grandparents and their parents cultivated it in the villages of Lomas de Cordero and Aguafría from generation to generation. The families of this area continue to cultivate these varieties to preserve their species and continue the tradition. There are some trees over 50 years old from which the best quality pods of fine cocoa are harvested.

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