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Farm to Cup

We pay our farmers more than the market price, encouraging micro lots for better quality because Everyone Deserve a Better Cup. We also priced our coffee at 1oz $1, so each cup costs $.50 to showcase the greatness and the efforts of the farmers to a larger crowd and to give Farmers hope for their better future. We have to include $1.5 to 12oz and $1 to 16oz coffee due to increase in fuel costs that impacted our Logistics partners and hike in packing materials.
We strongly believe in

Happy Farmer Happy Crop Happy Cup


It all started on a trip to Guatemala.
My husband and I recently visited Guatemala in March 2019, where we had an opportunity to join an amazing group of coffee roasters, green coffee buyers, and business owners and travel with them to farms. During our farms visit in the northern part of Huehuetenango, I was so touched by looking at the minimal and limited lives leading by many coffee farmers in that area. It touched me so bad because these farmers are bringing actual light to morning to many in this world. Can you imagine the world with out coffee ? Right !!! That is something I cannot even imagine. The exporter we tagged along is a group of wonderful people who takes care of their famers very well. But there were many communities with no proper livelihood because of coffee stolen for lower prices. Because of low income, many families leaving and already left coffee farming behind and moving on with other professions. If this continues to happen more, we will soon be experiencing coffee grown in unhealthy artificial environments, where coffee needs very specific temperature and altitude to do the magic. Most of the farmers we saw did not even have proper foot ware to pick coffee cherries from the mountain steeps. That trip was an eye-opening for my Husband and myself. Even though my husband is from a coffee-growing region, we never thought about the main guy behind the great daily cup, which we hold during the day and night. Coffee is always priced at a higher price, but most of it goes into middlemen’s pockets, and those farmers are left behind. We really wanted to do something to the coffee community. So we decided to start our mission by starting a micro coffee Roastery and only purchase our green coffee directly from farms, so we pay the farmer well and introduce our customers to a happy, healthy cup. Also price our coffee with very less margin to keep the mission going, which is a Win-Win for all of us.

But why did we go to Guatemala in first place ? is it just random ?
Yes, that was not at all random. why would some one go to Guatemala on a trip and happened to meet group of roasters and green coffee buyers ? Here comes my Nerdy partner! My husband grew up in coffee growing-region in southeast coastal India. For some reason, he always had connection with coffee even he was getting away from drinking it, due to the reason the big chains were serving burned coffee. He calls it “Coffee Coal”. He started drinking coffee again in 2014 just before our marriage, but this time he started drinking the third-wave coffee and was very amazed with the tasting profiles and actually started roasting his own and started experimenting with various brew methods in 2015. Later he introduced me to it, and he makes me good coffee all the time. He always wanted to visit coffee farms around the world to see how coffee is produced and processed. We wanted to start with the countries that are close to United States so we can fly over a weekend or two and mainly short flights. So we started with Guatemala in March 2020, just before Pandemic. He somehow managed to get the contacts of an exporter and booked flight at the last minute. We were not a business then, and most of the non-touristy trips needs to be a business or person working in a coffee firm. The exporter company is a family-owned business and company were a great group of people. They allowed us to join a great group for a very reasonable price, since there is definitely cost involved in taking us around and feeding us for 4 days. Soon after coming back from Guatemala, there were many changes in our lives due to Pandemic, but we managed to get over it and bring our lives back to normal to start our mission.

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