Mocha Pot

Little About:

Simple and one of the amazing invention from Italy to the world by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. Soon it became part of Italian culture and later it was adopted by many European countries. Now it is quite popular in South American countries because of it’s simplicity and more convenient mechanism.


Step 1: You need espresso grind or little finer coffee powder. If you have grinder select one step above Turkish ground.

Step 2: Fill the filter basket with the freshly or pre grounded coffee. give it a little shake or tamp it for even coffee distribution. 

Step 3: Pour hot or cold water in to the bottom chamber below the pressure value. 

Step 4: Place the filter basket on to the water chamber and hand tight the top chamber above the filter basket. Make sure the gasket is in place. Caution the bottom chamber will be hot if you used hot water. 

Step 5: Place the pot on the stove top at medium heat. In 3-5 mins you will observe the coffee is rushing up into the top chamber. 

Step 6: Turn off the store if you start seeing bubbles from the coffee outlet tube. Caution the coffee will be hot. Serve it as it is or mix it will milk. 

Suggestion : If using sugar, Use palm sugar or brown sugar to experience rich body to the coffee along with some of the natural coffee flavors.

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